Expanding and snowing?

>> Monday, October 5, 2009

It’s snowing! Well, not real snowball, snowman, digging the car out, skiing type snowing. But it’s only October 5, for goodness sake.

I’m in the middle of expanding one of my beds to make room for a beautiful yellow rose bush one of my daughters is growing tired of. How can you grow tired of roses?

Oh well, her loss, my gain.

It’s going to be a bit out of place for awhile because the area I’m putting it in is full of drought tolerant plants. It won’t stay there for more than a year or maybe two until I get its permanent spot prepared in the front yard. That’s going to be a major undertaking.

Speaking of loss and gain, is there nothing sadder than a tomato plant that has been struck down by frost?

Well, maybe a pepper plant.

Oh well, now it's off to plan next years garden.


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