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>> Monday, January 10, 2011

Your kitchen scraps can be recycled into a nutritious soil for plants with the help of worms. The worms produce castings that are full of beneficial microbes and nutrients, which makes a great plant fertilizer. Worms are very efficient at breaking down food scraps and can eat over half their body weight in organic matter per day.

The following is a short list of worm bins to help you get started in vermicomposting.

Sells a ready made worm bin they like to call the Worm Factory.

Their offering for a worm bin is the Con-o-Worms Composter.

They sell a product called the Worm Inn. Also, sells red worms, their site is full of help on how to get started and improve existing ventures. Very friendly, helpful and worth checking out.

They offer several products for vermicomposting.

The following is a list of sites who offer help on how to make compost.

Composting with Worms


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