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>> Sunday, January 9, 2011

Many home gardeners are beginning to seek out untreated, open-pollinated and heritage seeds for gardening. While organically-grown crops have many benefits over those grown by industrial agriculture, there is no definitive proof that organic crops grown from conventional seed are superior to those grown from organic seed. Growers are required to use organic seeds to maintain their 'organic' certification in order to sell crops labeled as organic. Home gardeners may find conventional seed comparable to organic in producing good results.

By far the greatest benefit that comes from choosing open-pollinated crops over hybrids is that preserving genetic variety is key to overall species health. By using good quality seeds, planting local heritage and heirloom varieties, and learning to dry and store seeds, we are contributing to developing and preserving our future food bank.

Hybrid seeds, while offering preferred traits that enhance a plant's growth and fruiting, as well as hardiness, are produced by cross-pollinating plants of different varieties in order to improve the characteristics of the resulting offspring. The process of cross-pollinating destroys the ability to produce seed that will reproduce true to type. That is, second generation plants are likely to produce different results. This takes the time-honored art of seed saving out of the equation of preserving bio-diversity.

Below is a list of online providers of organic garden seed and seedlings, for the U.S. as well as Canada. Some companies offer both organic and conventional seed, but those companies offering conventional seed must have taken the Safe Seed Pledge to be included here. According to the Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG), the Safe Seed Pledge states that providers do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants.
All of the companies below listed in BOLD have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Grow responsibly!

Organic Seed Sources in the U.S.

P.O. Box 772 930 Lawrence St.
Port Townsend, WA, 98368
360-385-7455  Fax
“Located inside our seed catalog are all of your favorite Abundant Life varieties - vegetable, flower, and herb seeds along with a great selection of garlic, seed potatoes, and live plants. All of which are 100% certified organic. We also have a wide selection of garden supplies to help your garden grow. Along with our products, you will find a tremendous amount of growing information including seed saving techniques.”

Great source for heirlooms

660 Compton Street
Broomfield, CO 80020
Family-owned company offering both conventional and organic seed. Seeds are untreated and have guaranteed germination rates.
Well known for their attractive, information-rich seed packets, Botanical Interests offers a variety of organic flower, vegetable and herb seeds. The prices are reasonable, with most packets costing less than two dollars.

18001 Shafer Ranch Road
Willets, CA, 95490
707-459-1925 fax
Heirloom, untreated and open-pollinated varieties of vegetables, herbs, grains and compost crops.

1195 Dog Team Road
New Haven, Vermont 05472
877 213 3828
A small, family-owned business offering a selection of organic and heirloom, non-GMO vegetable seeds.

Boulder, CO
707-SEEDS-10 (707-733-3710)
A large selection of Heirloom, Organic vegetable, herb, flower and fruit garden seeds. High quality garden seeds hand selected, packaged and shipped direct to you.

PO Box 520
Waterville, ME 04903
Offers certified organic seed and non-GE conventional seed. Specializing in cold-hardy crops.
Seeds for organic cover crops and soil amendments, certified seed potatoes and onion sets, seed garlic, hardy fruit and nut trees, berries.

Heirloom vegetable, fruit, legume, grain and herb seeds. Some organic heirlooms also available. Best bang for the buck: seed packs of assorted varieties and sizes.

High Altitude Gardens/Seeds Trust, /
4150 Black Oak Drive
Hailey, ID, 83333
208-788-3452 fax
Over 80 years experience growing gardens and seeds at high elevation. Seeds from around the world for the coldest climates and shortest seasons. Heirloom, organic, native and high altitude varieties.

76 Quarry Road
Wolcott, VT 05680
The catalog offers over 450 organic varieties of heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid organic seeds. Also carries books and supplies. Free seed pack with every online order.
955 Benton Ave.
Winslow, ME, 04901
800-738-6314 fax
“Since beginning in 1973 Johnny's has served organic growers, both professional and amateur. We continue to carefully strengthen our range of organic seeds, as well as fertilizers and pesticides permitted by the USDA's National Organic Program for use in organic production.”
Both non-GE conventional and organic seed, with an extensive organic collection including hard-to-find cultivars. Garden tools also available.
Bantam, Connecticut
Vegetable, herb, edible and bouquet flower seeds. A delightful printed catalog with nice drawings, recipes and tips. Order online if you like, but be sure to request the print catalog.

PO Box 13220
Oakland, CA  94661-3220
510-595-1860 fax
They offer a tremendous selection of Asian Vegetable seeds and are the oldest seed company in America. Kitazawa has over 250 varieties of traditional and heirloom seeds native to Japan.

220 21st Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
831-401-2418 fax
An online service that helps you find local sources for sustainably grown food. They also sell a wide variety of vegetable seed and nursery stock. Read the product notes to see which are organic and/or untreated.

401 Main Street
Bay City, MI 48706
866-229-3276 toll free
Main Street is a small company which specializes in offering small amounts of seed (with the home gardener in mind) for reasonable prices. Their choice of seeds is limited to the basic vegetable varieties.

1955 CCC Road
Dickson TN, 37055
615 446 9191
615 441 6445 fax
Extraordinary heirloom and Italian seeds. Over 500 varieties, offering gifts too.
“All seeds come with a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied, you will receive a replacement or a refund. All seed packets contain 25 seeds minimum. Most will contain 25-40 seeds unless stated in it's description in the catalog. All seed is untreated. Our stand is firm in opposing genetic engineering. I grow using organic methods, but am not certified.”

38325 Pepperwood Road
Squaw Valley, CA, 93675
Certified organically grown seed for basil, sunflower, annual herbs, gourmet greens.

P.O. Box 760776
Petaluma, CA , 94975-0776
707-766-9747 fax
Online catalog offers organically grown and open-pollinated vegetables and herbs. The organic items are clearly marked as such, and the prices are reasonable. Also sells gardening supplies.

526 N. 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ , 85705
520-622-5591 fax
a non-profit organization that seeks to preserve the crop seeds that connect Native American cultures to their lands. Through seed conservation and community interaction Native Seeds/SEARCH works to protect crop biodiversity and to celebrate cultural diversity.” Online and print catalog, membership.
More than 2000 different seeds representing traditional native crops such as corn, bean, squash.

1190 No. Pacific Hwy. NE
Albany, OR, 97321
541-967-8406 fax
Family owned. Vegetable, herb, grass seeds. Bulk spices and teas, books, gardening supplies and more. Be sure to check out their Wedding Seeds if you or someone you know is having a wedding. Online and print catalogs.
Complete garden seeds catalog featuring new and unusual vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Emphasizing short season varieties, flavor and performance.

PO Box 2209
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Extensive offering of organic garden seeds as well as non-GE conventional seeds, both in home gardening quantities and bulk quantities. Plus offers a good variety of bare root, root crop stock and mushroom kits. Gardening supplies also available. There is a good mix of edible and ornamental varieties here, as well as books and gardening supplies.

Agua Fria Road
Route 6, Box 11A
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
505-438-8800 fax
Specializes in drought-tolerant US native plants (wildflowers, grasses, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, and trees) and seeds.

Boasts seed varieties from around the world and tested for the home gardener including unusual seed choices, time-tested heirlooms, international hybrids and open-pollinated varieties.

3026 North Winn Road
Decorah IA 52101
563-382-6511 fax
Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization that is saving "heirloom" (handed-down) garden seeds from extinction.  SSE's 8,000 members grow and distribute heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains. SSE's main focus is on heirloom varieties that gardeners and farmers brought to North America when their families immigrated, and traditional varieties grown by Native Americans, Mennonites and Amish. Since SSE was founded in 1975, our members have distributed an estimated 750,000 samples of endangered seeds not available through catalogs and often on the verge of extinction.  SSE has always been the leader of the heirloom seed movement, and the diligent efforts of our members are making rare heirloom varieties available to gardeners everywhere.” Membership.

P.O. Box 15700
Santa Fe, NM 87506
A favorite among organic gardeners, Seeds of Change features a wide range of heirloom vegetable seeds and informative articles on organic gardening, tools and techniques.
Plus offers organic seedlings for a select variety of seed. Organic fruit trees available, as well as gardening supplies. 5% discount for online orders.

Vegetable, wild flower, native grass and herb seeds. All are untreated and suitable for certified organic gardens and farms. Organic, heirloom and hybrids available.

Certified organic and primarily heirloom seeds, offering only select hybrids where open-pollinated counterpart doesn't exist or by popular demand.

P.O. Box 158
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
888-657-3131 fax
Organic research farm. Seeds and plants particularly adapted to the Pacific Northwest as well as other regions. Their print catalog contains a wealth of cultural information. Offers both organic and non-GE conventional seed, plus mushroom kits for select varieties. Garden tools and supplies also available.
Territorial offers a wide selection of organic vegetable seeds, especially greens, tomatoes and lettuces.

Alsea, Oregon
Family-owned. An amazing collection of  organic herb seeds, everlasting seeds, live herb and flower plants, hops, bare root perennials, dried herbs, essential oils, herb and spice blends and more. They also have tours and serve group luncheons. Online and print catalog.

PO Box 628
Little River, CA 95456
More than 600 varieties of certified organic heirloom tomato seeds.

Camphill Village
Copake NY 12516
678-202-1351 fax
Turtle Tree offers a wide variety of 100% open-pollinated seeds for farm, grain and cover crops as well as vegetables, flowers and herbs.
Organic by practice. Specializes in rare and heirloom seed. Paying for an annual site membership gives users 10% discount and more.

P.O. Box 192
Molalla, OR, 97038
A small, family owned company that works to preserve plant varieties by locating, growing, documenting and offering heirloom and rare open-pollinated seeds to home gardeners. Catalog offers a wide variety of rare heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.

49 Kinney Road
Bridgewater, ME 04734
800-300-6494 fax
A beautiful selection of rainbow colored  organically grown potatoes and certified seed potatoes. Also Gourmet Organic Gifts including a monthly potato club, potato patch kit, samplers, cheeses, grains, nuts, beans, dried fruit and winter vegetables. Also tips on growing potatoes organically and cooking them.

Organic Seed Sources in CANADA

Box 2500
Georgetown ON L7G 5L6
A leader in gardening products by mail order: flowers, vegetables and herbs (available as seeds, plants, bulbs or cuttings), as well as accessories. Dominion is now a "certified organic enterprise".

Box 807
Sooke BC V0S 1 N0.
250-642-3671 fax
Open-pollinated, untreated and locally-grown vegetables, flowers, herbs, and more.

30 - 9th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 6E1
Canada's largest seed packet supplier with over 1,000 varieties. Their catalog lists 27 varieties of organic seeds, representing the common popular garden vegetables and herbs.

Box 7
Waterloo, ON N2J 3Z6
519 886-0557
519 886-0605 fax
Canada’s foremost supplier of native seeds for conservation and reclamation.

357 Highway 47
Goodwood ON L0C 1A0
1.905.640.6641 fax
Over 700 varieties of herb seeds plants and gourmet vegetables. All seeds are untreated. Many varieties of open-pollinated and organic seeds are available, with a smaller selection of heirloom seeds.

Box 444 Ganges P.O.
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2W1
All seeds are untreated, open-pollinated and non-GMO. Salt Spring grows all its own grow seeds and sells only the most recently harvested.

Box 10
St. Catherines ON L2R 6R6
Stokes seeds are not organically grown, but they do sell some heirloom varieties and some untreated varieties. Their collection favors hybrid seeds, not open-pollinated, because the superior vigor of the hybrids suit the Canadian northeast growing environment. They do not carry GMO seeds.

PO Box 9000
Charlottetown, PE, Canada, C1A 8K6
800-686-0329 fax
Veseys offers a selection of certified organic seed produced under strict guidelines which govern the production of certified organic products. Canadian-based, but sells to the US market.


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