Continuing soil improvement

>> Thursday, April 12, 2007

In my effort to combat the clay and improve drainage in my perennial beds I have tilled in: 7 cu ft of Clay buster (compost mix), 8 cu ft Composted Steer Manure, 2 cu ft, Supersoil Potting mix (potting soil with fertilizer).

To this, I have added 12 lbs (14 cups), All-purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer and 1 lb blood meal.

All of this went into two unplanted beds, total 400 sq feet.

I will need to add more but will let this 'break down' and 'work in' a little first. After adding all of this I water area really well and leave it sit.

I shouldn't have to feed anything once I have planted in for about 3-4 months.

I also prepared a long bed, about 70 feet long and 18" wide along my north fence to put sunflowers and a couple of vines in. I tilled the area with composted steer manure and clay buster.


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