Watering in the rain

>> Saturday, May 5, 2007

It has been raining the last few days, which is really great, but today I realized the rain has been coming from the North and while this in itself is no big deal the foundation beds on the South side of the house are bone dry! I assumed everything was getting a good soaking and I could relax with the watering duties.
I had put a few new shrubs in this area last week just before it rained and had watered them a couple of days but stopped when the rains came. I can only hope the roots have not dried up while getting acclimated to their new locations.

So, just to make sure they get their fair share of water, I stood out in the rain with the hose trained on this dry area. I'll bet I'll get some ribbing from the neighbors for this one.
But, a gardener has got to do what a gardeners has got to do!


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