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>> Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Received my order from Wayside today. Wayside uses packing peanuts. I don't know what to think of them. They're bothersome when unpacking and they too easily blow around if you do pack them away securely. I don't really want to throw them away, I might use them when packing things to send to someone in the future. I would prefer the air filled plastic pillows over the peanuts. But by far the best is the plastic 'coffins' that Springhill Nursery uses. They provide the best protection by far.

Weigela My Monet

This dwarf variegated Weigela is more compact than the typical Weigela. The ad claims tighter habit, more robust growth, larger blooms. Part shade to full sun so I placed under my Dogwood tree.
It grows to just 12”-18” high and wide and forms a plump, tight little footstool-shaped plant, magnificently blushed with pink in leaf and bloom. The new spring foliage is bright pink, maturing to green edged in white, and the abundant rosy purple-pink blossoms are far larger and more abundant than on other varieties.
My Monet™ is a superb performer, well-branched and impervious to rough weather. It will be a dependable and lovely presence in the garden or container for many years to come.
Sounds like one of those shrubs that you just ‘set and forget’. We’ll see.
My Monet™ is a dwarf sport of 'Tango,' bred by Bert VerHoef.

Phlox Blue Paradise

This one comes from renowned Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf as a new variety in 2004. It is mildew resistant and the flowers open a pale blue with white eyes, then take on purplish shades during the heat of midday, then regain their original indigo coloring in the evening. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds and their spicy vanilla-clove perfume is perfectly enchanting in bouquets. The blooms come on in July through August and, depending on which article you read, the plant reaches from 22”-40” high and 18”-30” wide. That’s quite a range of height and width. Mine will go into a raised bed so I expect it to reach its maximum height and width.
It is considered a Tall Summer Phlox.
The bloom size is ½” and the hardiness zones run from 4-8, although one site said the zones are 3-9.

Clematis Franziska Marie

Clematis maestro Raymond Evison named this lovely cultivar after his youngest daughter. It's a lovely double with 4–6” blooms of lavender blue, and has the great virtue of blooming on both old and new wood, which means a lot of flowers over the entire season. This should make it easy to prune. There are three different pruning classes which can be bothersome unless yu are careful to keep them straight as to which clematis to prune when.

For beautiful colors, extravagance of blooms, and graceful habit, nothing compares with Clematis, the queen of the flowering vines. Whether used on posts or fences, clambering through shrubs and trees, or following wire frames in borders, they will enrich the landscape. Give them good soil, reasonable moisture, and shade at their roots.

This one will bloom from June–September to a height of 6’.

I place stones around their root zone until groundcover can get established.

I really didn’t plan on buying plants with such renown names attached to them, but they are all beautiful and I hope I can do them all justice.


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