A Tribute to a Pioneer – Rosalind Creasy

>> Sunday, April 17, 2011

Los Angeles Times did a cover story on this remarkable lady. From the story:

Few people have been quite so consistently ahead of their time as this Los Altos gardener. In the 1970s, Creasy began systematically rolling back the lawn of her Bay Area home and replacing it with a kitchen garden. In the process, she slashed her water bill, eliminated sprinkler runoff and filled her pantry, to say nothing of cutting tens of thousands of “food miles” from her dinner plate. Then in her 30s, a trained educator and mother of two, she went to the local community college to study horticulture, where she scandalized her teachers by pressing the idea of replacing much of our ornamental landscape with food crops.

The article basically pushes Ms. Creasy’s latest book but don’t let the crase commercialism stop you from checking out the post. Both of her books are full of design tips and expert wisdom.


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