Weeds, argh!

>> Saturday, July 7, 2007

I found a dandelion in my yard! It was lurking at the edge of the front lawn next to the sidewalk just getting ready to spit it’s evil nutrient-robbing offspring to the wind to further encroach into my beautifully manicured lawn. Alright, that was a bit much, I’ll admit. At least about the lawn part. I have never had a ‘beautifully manicured lawn’ in my life. The evil dandelion part I meant though.

The good news is that this is only the second one I have found this year. The first one tried to gain access to the yard from under the fence, but I spotted its nasty yellow head bobbing about behind my raspberry bushes and yanked it out by the roots. Ha! The bad news is that I will never be completely free of them. My therapist is helping me deal with it.

When I moved into this house three years ago there was a literal dandelion farm in the front yard, the backyard and the side yard. Oh the humanity! I spent several months trying to slake my bloodlust to rid the yard of their deceptively joyous presence. Last year there were a few 'emissaries of evil' stalking about early in the year and this year they have almost been completely eradicated, in fact I am proud to say they have been. The only reason these two appeared is because our neighbors don’t do anything about the dandelions in their yard. The poor fools! Don't they know? Can't they see? They must be warned.

I live in constant fear of a ‘drive-by’ planting. Thankfully, I only have to deal with them for a short time each year. Unlike my other nemesis, the field bindweed, pictured here.

I have even gone into my neighbors yard and yanked out a particularly over-sized dandelion that threatened to come over the line.

I have got to get off of this subject, sweat is dripping from my brow onto the keyboard. Where’s my medication?


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