Finally updated my links to Fellow Gardeners

>> Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I apologize to the many wonderful bloggers out there for not showing you on my list of 'favorites'.

When I began using Google Reader to keep up to date on all of your writings and photos, I neglected to add some of your links to my blog.

When I went to do so, two weeks ago, I discovered that Blogger would not allow me to scroll down in the Page Elements editor. I sent a request for help and realized many people have experienced the same problem. Blogger still has not fixed the problem.

Finally, this morning I read another person's request to Blogger to fix the problem and he had explained a band-aid fix. After following his instructions I was able to update my favorites list.

Hopefully, none of you have felt slighted, if so, I apologize again and will attempt to keep up on it in the future.

Happy Gardening to all.


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