>> Thursday, June 23, 2011

We humans like to have things on a schedule, I suppose it helps us believe we are in some sort of control. But deep down we all understand that nature controls everything in the garden. Sure we can mix up some 'booster fertilizer' recipe that has been handed down through generations to help get tomatoes ahead of everybody else, or just help our little dependent plants get off to a good start. But if the weather isn’t right ‘it ain’t gonna grow’.

It has taken two weeks for these plants to go from here. . . 

Tomato Juliet June 9

Tomato Cherokee Purple June 9

to here . . . 
Tomato Juliet June 20

Tomato Cherokee Purple June 20

These tomato plants have some BIG shoes to fill.
Tomato Juliet last year June 21
 I figure they are about a week to 10 days behind schedule but with the upcoming hot weather they'll get back on schedule in no time.


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