Morning rounds

>> Friday, June 10, 2011

 The grass is wet every morning. This is really good for the plants coming alive for the summer months. 

Squash Pumpkin Cantaloupe


Radish yellow and purple

The hanging planters and containers sitting around outside need a little more than this morning refreshment to stay alive. I sprinkle them well with additional water. Soil in the clay pots is typically dry to the touch while the plastic pots are damp. They still need a deep soaking everyday.

Buddleia Black Knight

The Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) needs to have its older branches cut back more than the spring trimming I gave them - since I killed a couple of these a few years ago by following advice that said cut them all the way to the ground I'm a little scared to cut too much until after they are really coming back big. It looks like it safe to cut the rest of it back.

Pepper Golden Bell

The pepper plants are still being chewed on. The Golden Bell appears to be the favorite of whatever is eating them. It would seem a night time visit is needed to find out what is eating these. I found several holes that were not there yesterday. With the cooler than normal weather and all the rain my suspicion is high that these are the ear marks of slug and snail activity. But, I need to know for certain who the culprits are.

Raised bed sentries

Every morning when I look out on the row of raised beds and see those newly built trellises I think of sentries watching over the garden. They all seem foreboding and it is hard to imagine that they will soon be covered with vegetative growth and then those great sentries will be too small.

And now, on with the days schedule of weeding, trimming, and propagating.


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