Ok, I'm ready for Spring

>> Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Crocus and hyacinth are ready. The Roses are sending out new leaves, therefore its time for pruning them, even though the Forsythia has begun sending out its yellow leaves.

Crocus 'Four Color' although only one has opened up there will be dark blue, light blue and white

Since we haven't gotten much snow this winter, to have it all show up at the end of the year when the plants are waking up is, well, its just plain cruel.
Scilla 'Spring Beauty' Siberian Squill are some of the earliest risers and these few are especially eager

My garden beds are almost completely planned out and the seeds have been ordered. Let's get this years party started.

Tulips are very eager to get up into the sunshine.
These photos were taken as our late winter snow dump of 3" melted away after one day. I love winters in Utah.


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