Built new bed

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finally got this bed built. I have been planning this bed since we had the deck built two months after moving into this house in 2004.

Anyway, just finished it today and now I will need to have some soil delivered. It’s 14 ½’ long by 4’ front to back do that’s 58 sq ft. times 9” deep, so that’s, where’s my calculator, 522 cu ft. What? I must have done something wrong. D’oh! I mixed feet with inches. Try this again. 14.5’ x 4’ x .75’ = 43.5 cu ft. That sounds more like it. Wow, I used to be pretty good at math. Good thing there’s the internet to show me how. I found help at Do It Yourself.com.

Other raised beds I have built in the past I used wooden stakes at the corners. They have held up pretty well but this time I opted for metal strips at the corners

and to hold boards together.

Hopefully the weight of the soil won't push it apart at the seams.

I already have plants ordered for it,
Monarda (Bee Balm) Scarlet, an herb,

Hardy Lavender, also an herb,

Geranium Birches Double,

Daylily Stella de Oro,

Delphinium Blue Butterfly, a dwarf at 14" tall,

Phlox Blue Paradise,

and Dianthus Maiden Pinks.

This leaves room for a shrub at one corner and I haven’t decided between a Caryopteris or a Spirea. That corner will be in all day full sun so either one will do.


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